The Tokaj Wine Region Development Council has been established in July 2014 to initiate, coordinate, support and implement regional development strategy and projects integrating the 27 municipalities in the Tokaj Wine Region. Currently its presidency is held by representative from the Hungarian Prime Minister’s Office. The Development of Tokaj Wine Region Nonprofit Ltd. is the operative body of the Council. It has a key role to connect the national and regional administrative authorities with local actors in order to create a stable and efficient communication between stakeholders in the development processes.

The region represents a priority territory in Hungary. The body is responsible for the elaboration and implementation of the Regional Development Strategy and the Regional Action Plan, covering economic, social and environmental development.

The region has been inscribed as a cultural landscape by the World Heritage Committee in 2002. The World Heritage Office – integrated into the Council’s operative body – is responsible for the supervision of the conservation, promotion and implementation of the Outstanding Universal Value of the World Heritage site.


  • Planning and managing activities connected to economic, social and environmental development of the region;
  • Elaborating the Regional Development Strategy and the Regional Action Plan in harmony with the Hungarian National Development Plan;
  • Contributing of the development of Regional Tourism Strategy and promoting tourism activities;
  • Conserving cultural and natural heritage in regards to the UNESCO World Heritage values;
  • Developing programs in order to improve actions in rural development as well as the quality of life of the region’s inhabitants.