You are on the website of the Tokaj Wine Region’s Regional Development Council (TRDC) and the Tokaj Wine Region’s Regional Development LLP, a not-for profit organisation established to carry out TRDC’s strategic decisions about the spending of the funds Hungary’s government is committed to channelling to the region before 2020.

The Tokaj Wine Region’s Regional Development Council was founded in July 2015 to comply with a February 2015 amendment to Hungary’s Act on Regional Development and Spatial Planning, the piece of legislation that had declared the Tokaj Wine Region a Government-Designated Growth Area, one of now three such areas in Hungary.

Made up of six voting members representing the County Council, the Tokaj Council of Wine Communities, the Supervisory Board of Tokaj Crown Estates (TCE), the Ministry for the Economy and the Prime Minister’s Office, the Tokaj Regional Development Council (TRDC) is legally in charge of assessing the region’s social and economic environment, developing a regional spatial planning concept, reviewing industry-specific development programmes, as well as monitoring the implementation of European operating programmes within the region.

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